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SOUTH AFRICA 30/07/2004 Already in RSA
ZAMBIA 22/07/2004 Livingstone - Victoria Falls
  18/07/2004 Ndola - the anniversary of 100 years
  13/07/2004 Applied for Zimbabwe visa in Lusaka
TANZANIA 09/07/2004 The sunset in Mbeya
  05/07/2004 The Night at Masai Place
  03/07/2004 Morogoro cozy city close to the mountains
  03/07/2004 Hitch-hiking in Kenya and Tanzania
  28/06/2004 Arusha - town of Safari companies and many Mzungu's
  24/06/2004 Teaching mathematics in Musoma
KENYA 21/06/2004 Kisumu (North Kenya) - will head for Tanzania in 2 days.
  17/06/2004 Safely arrived to Mombasa
  16/06/2004 In Nairobi after covering 1500km in 4 days
  13/06/2004 Augustas Kligys entered Kenya today (webmaster)
ETHIOPIA 11/06/2004 Leaving Addis tomorrow - the last impressions from this city
  10/06/2004 Addis Ababa - beggars, prices, etc
  06/06/2004 The first day in Addis
GERMANY 01/06/2004 Ethiopian visa was issued in 30 minutes!
LITHUANIA 22/05/2004 This is how my South African visa looks like
  20/05/2004 Travel health: what medicine I am going to take with me
DENMARK 14/05/2004 About visas for African countries
  26/04/2004 Just got the South African visa!