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Ndola - the anniversary of 100 years


Yesterday, Saturday, I have arrived to Ndola - the capital of Copperbelt province, located 350 km to the North of Lusaka. I got a chance to prove myself the claim by Lonely Planet, that cheap accommodation does not exist in this town. The cheapest what Guest Houses are offering here was 13 usd per night...

I decided to ask for accommodation at the Hindu Hall Temple in Ndola ( The people I met here were extremly friendly, they understood my presence in a few moments, and in 10 minutes time I had my tent standing in a safe-from-wind place: car parking area with a roof near one of the buildings.

The 18th of July, that means today, Ndola suppose to celebrate its 100 years anniversary. But until now I haven't found any person who would have heard anything about official celegrations concerning this occassion. It will be very pitty, if Ndola will not celebrate such anniversary...

I will be back in Lusaka Monday afternoon. Tuesday morning I will check the embassy of Zimbabwe for the results of my visa application. The day I will pick the visa, I will travel to Livingstone, to see the Victoria Falls, and finally I will cross the border of Zimbabwe.
On the 27th of July I will be in Johannesburg where I will meet Katja (she comes by plane from Germany).