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Kisumu (North Kenya) - will head for Tanzania in 2 days.

I am spending the last days in Kenya. Wednesday, June 23, I will start hitching towards Tanzania, Musoma village.

In the last week I have stayed 1 day in Nairobi and 1 day in Mombasa. The capital city of Kenya seemed to be ordinary big business town which is very much comparible with the big towns in Europe (Paris, London, ...). On the other hand, i did not stayed there for a long time, so my impression might be wrong. Mombasa seemed to be more quite, though the weather is more hot and hu midit. Mombasa's old town with its 1m wide streets is worth visiting!

At the moment I am in West Kenya, in Kisumu town.

By now I have covered 1800 km by hitch-hiking and 1000 km by payable transportation means, for which I spent about 16 EUR.

Some notes about Kenya:

The common understanding of the drink "tea" is slightly different from what we expect in Europe. They make tea with mix of boiled milk and boiled water (half/half). In case you want to get "ordinary" tea (made only with water), you should ask for "strong tea".
Internet - 0.6 EUR/h
Coca cola in the shop 0.5l - 0.35 EUR, in the bars: 0.3l - 0.20-0.40 EUR
The main dish in the bars: 1.00-2.00 EUR
Fried potatoes Kenyans know as "chips", so do not be surprised if they will offer Chips together with your hot meal, e.g. sausage, meat or fish.

Kisumu, West Kenya
sms: +254735832955 (till 23.06)