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The sunset in Mbeya

Today I spent time in Mbeya town, which about 100 km from Zambia and also about 100 km from Malawi. So, it is kind of the transit place for travellers comming to/from Zambia and Malawi. Tomorrow, Saturday, early in the morning I will hitch-hike towards Zambia, and expect to arrive to Lusaka (the capital of Zambia) on Sunday.

By now I have covered almost 3500 km by hitch-hiking and 2300 km by using buses, for which I spent 38 EUR.

Yesterday I arrived to suburb of Mbeya - Uyole by 2 cars from Morogoro. The first car gave me a lift only for 35 km, but afterwards I stopped a truck which agreed to give a lift for free until Mikumi village, about 100 km. But later they (2 drivers in the cabin) let me go with them until Mbeya, finally covering 600 km in more than 10 hours. Actually having me in the cabin, the drivers avoided paying the bribe for the trafic police, which have posts approx every 50 km. Yes, few times they still paid 1000-2000 Tanzanian Shilings (~1-2 USD) for the policeman, but still I "saved" them at least another 10 USD.

This evening I am gonna watch the sunset over the Mbeya from the mountain eating fresh vegetables...