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About visas for African countries


A little bit about my plans getting visas for coutries I will be travelling in:

I have already have visa for South Africa. It is ordinary visitor's (tourist) visa with small notice that I will be doing a voluntary work in Environment Management Department of city of Cape Town.

On the 5th of June I fly to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), departing from Berlin. Ethiopian visa I plan to make in Berlin few days before I take the flight. Embassy in Berlin:
Botschaft Äthiopien, Boothstrasse 20a, 12207 Berlin, tel:+49-30-772060

Whenever I am in Addis, I will go to the embassies of Tanzania and Zambia. It takes 1-2 days for them to make the visa. As far as I know Kenyan visa is possible to organize on the border, so visiting its embassy is in the lowest priority at the moment.

In case I will have time, I will also apply for Botswana visa, otherwise will get it either in Nairobi (Kenya), or Lusaka (Zambia).