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Applied for Zimbabwe visa in Lusaka

Late Saturday, 10th of June, I have reached Lusaka - the capital of Zambia. From Mbeya (Tanzania) that day I started early in the morning (as usual). I got the slow truck full of beers, with which I spent 2 hours covering about 100 km to the border town Tunduma.

Crossing the border took me only 20 minutes, and around 11 am I was already in Zambia. In the immigration office of Zambia I met some South African white person with his Zambian collegue, who gave me a lift with their Toyota till Lusaka. With that car we had on avarage 100-120 km/h speed, finally making 1050 km to Lusaka in 10 hours.

Today I have applied for visa at the embassy of Zimbabwe. It costs 45 USD. I decided to change my initial plans to go via Botswana, because the authorities of this country increased the visa fee from 5 USD till 100 USD, which really does not sound attractive. It is probably part of Botswana's policy against low-budget travelers.

I expect to get Zimbabwian visa early next week, then I will head for Livingstone near the Victoria Falls. From here I will cross Zambia/Zimbabwe border and will travel towards Pretoria/Johannesburg in South Africa. I have to be in Johannesburg on 27th of July.

By the way, I am already reachable by personal mobile phone number in Zambia: +26097488827.