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Life in Cape Town and its surroundings
(01.08 - 25.11.2004)

In Cape Town (South Africa) I was doing voluntary service at the municipality of the town. Gallery contains pictures from Cape Town area.


Cape Town and its mountains

Cape Town and its famous mountain

the Table Mountain

which is very often with clouds

from the top of Table Mountain

the chain of mountains called "the twelve apostles"

the peak called the Lion's Head

Lion's Head from the other side

the mountains...

city from the sky

mountains, beaches and houses...

in the city

Katja next to augustas

the GLEN street

cosy area of muslims

one of the oldest parts of the town

the young muslim girl


also some kind of observers

together with Sigrid and Veliswa

our house for 3 months

and the beetle

they knew I am coming...

in the Camp Bay beach...

white men

at the beach with slovak Juro

building the sand-castle

the last moment...

The coastline      [top]




keep clean

the dressing box

grafiti on the toilet

the fisherman

and his friends...

Gordon's Bay

and its sign in the mountain

the abandoned pavilion


the railway on the coast

the consequence of the environmental mistake

work for 40 people :)

the cleaner of the coast

and her tool...


...and then relax

Chapman's Peak





good night

Spending time outside Cape Town      [top]

visiting Lithuanian girl Jovita

piknic with Matsebe and his friends

wait for the green...

and then...

let's go!

in Cedeberg mountains


and sleeping

make sure you document everything!

because it is very beautiful down there...



katja in Karoo desert



indian style temple in the middle of Karoo


this - for the hungry ones...

at the Cape Point, which is almost the southest point of Africa


the Cape of Good Hope

very strange trees near Nieuwoudville town in Nothern Cape province

maybe you know the name of this tree?

the whole "forest"

quite small, but still wierd


the project of growing rosemary (the spice)

in Woucester town

where were working...

ten previously unskilled and unemployed women

solving problems...

car parking lot for the guests

Soweto township (near Johannesburg)

where you can get quick services...

the township of coloured - Manenberg (near Cape Town)

the table in the petrol station

Animals in South Africa      [top]


exactly! there are pengiuns in Cape Town

but protected from the tourists









very friendly squirrels

in the park of Cape Town


the hyrax


the big ugly 5cm long cockroach

the same guy

the crazy biologist-botanist Adam analyses one more dead animal

bye bye