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Hitch-hiking through East Africa

Trip via East African countries - Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia. 6'000 km by hitch hiking, and 4'000 km by buses. More in africa.kligys.


Ethiopia [Jun 06-12]

Addis Ababa --> Moyale (770 km)

the first morning in Africa

surroundings of home of my friend - Bruck

the first trip to Addis downtown

got the chance to participate in the birthday party

Happy Birthday boy

The cake!

eating with hands...

a lot of signs, because street did not have names...

the main square of Addis - Mesqel square

sheeps in the middle of the town

polishing shoes - very popular business, but the white man you don't see often

the street

the sign at the university campus

finally hitch-hiking! just got lift from United Nations' 4x4 vehicle

UN car sends info about its location every 2h

kids on the way

once i took a bus, it was a short ride, but met very nice guy - Fikru. i was invited to his house later

and was offered a cup of coffee. they did not have tea, because it was coffee growing region

Fikru's brothers are building one more house out of clay

the coffee factory

got lift from small truck, which had delivered oil tank for the factory

boy at the factory

and his girlfriends...

the last 200km to Kenya I made by bus, because of veeery low traffic on the road

no doubts, we had tire problems on the way... several times...

Kenya [Jun 13-22]      [top]

Moyale --> Nairobi --> Mombasa --> Kisumu (2'300 km)

From the North Kenya towards Nairobi, the first day people would travel 250 km on such a road

but the rest 250 km (the second day) they make faster, because conditions are much better

such a truck - the only transport for 500 km from the border towards Nairobi

during my journey we were around 35 people travelling together

about half of passangers are muslims

on the way you see only the empty desert...

in some places we passed domestic camels...

and such huts...

in the villages one could always buy milk and tea (with milk :)

tea village

tire problems in Africa very soon becomes a tradition

while our car was fixed by the driver, others used the time for...

brushing teeths with branches from the nearby bushes...

must admit that it took them sometime to fix the car...

after the first day - everything soaked in the dust...

on the second day's morning I had to say good bye to my truck brothers

because I got a lift from S.Korean missioner directly to Nairobi, which was much faster

in North Kenya there were many different...

and colorful tribes

finally I reached Nairobi

but stayed only one day, because it looked too big and too crowded

my host in Nairobi was nice guy Onyango, who runs a safari company with his Japanese wife...

then i hitch-hiked to Mombasa, which had cosy downtown...

but it was very hot and humidit...

In the evening we had some talks with travel agency owner - Nelson

and afterwards I travelled to the city at Lake Victoria - Kisumu

popular mean of transportation here - bicycle-taxi

saw many of "Hotels". in Kenya it is place for food, but not for accommodation

kids near Lake Victoria

Jerry was my host in Kisumu for 4 days

he used to work in the market

that is why he has many friends over there...

one of them is still using the iron heated with coals

in the market...

looks messy?

clothes' section

the chairman of the market in banana section

the chairman again...

specialist of traditional medicine

...and the chairman, of course...

the most interesting section - from these cans they make metal suitcases!

boy in the market

orange ladies asked themselves to be taken by camera

creative knife sharpener, I would say

this is typical Masai tribe man

they are very often employed as...

watchmen, because they are good in shooting with bow and arrow.

Tanzania [Jun 23 - Jul 10]      [top]

Musoma --> Arusha --> Tanga --> Morogoro --> Dar Es Salaam --> Mbeya (2'900 km)

In Musoma city near Lake Victoria I visited PEDGO (People’s Education Group) school, where two girls...

polish Agnieszka and german Friederike were doing voluntary work. next to them - director of the school - Mr. Joligar

the classroom!


in the first days of their stay, girls were observing the classes...

sometimes they teach two subjects at the same time in one room

once Agnieszka brought the worst learners outside and explained mathematics on the wall

PEDGO learner

and her school mates

the brightest mathematician

this boy was also very smart in maths

just see how much he works!

several hours I had to give new and new exercises in maths

but in the end it was a bit boring... :)

my geography leasson lasted only 10min...

Indian Ocean in Tanga town



"Governmental Hospital" - Coca-Cola in developing countries

in Tanzanian roads buses pass every 5-7 minutes and all of them are crowded!

after Tanga I head for Morogoro

where stayed several days with Chris

who makes these kind of handcraft in his free time

he would also make ones with your name (on the right)

we used to eat outside, in front of his house

and here you can see me washing my clothes :)

one morning we went for...

hiking in the mountains next to Morogoro

luckily, the weather was friendly :)

very greeny mountains though



very often we passed buildings like this one

finaly we reached our destination

where was very very old house

build by Germans

and the present owners of the house sticked this kind of notice on the entrance

one day me and Chris we went to Dar Es Salaam for a tour

which had, no doubts, 100% beaches

it was Kigambone beach, full of tourists...

and men fishing the girls :)

one day Chris brought us (me and few dutch gilrs) to the Masai village

where we spent one night in the tents

and left that place early next morning

Chris usually contacts the village headman by mobile phone

this Masai family had plenty of cows

over 50 I would say

in one time they get about 3 liters of milk per cow

milk is kept in such utensils

there are tousands of flies in the village

kids had plenty of them as well...

miling in the morning

Masai kids...


models :)

good morning!

Masai women

tourist excursion has finished - returning to the civilisation

from Morogoro I went to Mbeya, where I met Bon Ros (on the left)

and his friend rasta guy

who convinced me for 5$ to climb up a small hill and observe the sunset over the town

town view

and the sunset - with the sun going down in the mountains behind us...

and the shadow was covering the town...

rasta guy had such a souvenir shop...

and finally

I said for Tanzania "goob bye"...

Zambia [Jul 11-26]      [top]

Tunduma --> Lusaka --> Ndola --> Livingstone (2'700 km)

from Tanzanian border to Lusaka (1000 km) I travelled in the pickup of Toyota Hilux

an average speed was 100 km/h, so the journey took about 10 hours

in Lusaka I met the members of organization that takes care about orphan children...


one of them, Mr. Chansa, owns a small school

where half of learner - orphan kids





the name of the school is

Ndinawe Memorial School

of course, most of the learners are with school uniforms




one day

I went to visit Ralph and his wife

and used the chance to use this toilet :)

in the area you can try some dry rats with salt :)

one weekend i hitch-hiked to Ndola town, where accommodation is really expensive

so I decided to ask for help in Hindu Temple

where I set my tent up in the car parking under the roof...

on the Zambian/Zimbabwian border in Livingstone town

I enjoyed the views of Victoria Falls...




with many rainbows around...

and shower in the air