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Leaving Germany


Today I arrived late in the evening at my brother's place (Dortmund, Germany). From here I am trying to think about the last things I have to do for a propper preparing concerning my trip through Africa.

According to the few time I had, just 5 days to prepare, to pack, to clean my whole apartment (as I am renting it) and to organize all tasks to do with friends during my absence I feel a bit tired. In 72 h just 5 h sleep. Instead of finishing today at 10 a.m., having nice brunch and then leaving to Dortmund in the early afternoon...I was running to organize and clean everything until 4:30 p.m. At 5 p.m. I had breakfast and then immediately started to Dortmund. I was more than happy when the friend I was going with (Micha) brought me directly to my brother's home. Actually Micha is living about 1 hour by car from here.

Tomorrow at 20:45 I will leave to Joburg. Already in the morning my brother, his girlfriend and me will go to Frankfurt/Main having a walk around and enjoy time together.

Thus, from Tuesday on I will realize what I do here. Until now it is difficult to get an idea what is waiting for me and I wonder how far the cultural shock will be...

I will try to keep you updated, only have heard that Internet will be very expensive in Mozambique and Malawi.