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I have got my Mozambique Visa!


Yesterday, I have got my Mozabmbique Visa. It was again very nice to go to the embassy, fantastic people there.

Afterwards I went to apply for Zambian Visa but when I came they were closed. I was sitting in front of the door as it was not 2 p.m. and they still had their official midday break. After awhile a couple came out of the embassy, saw me and started to talk English with me. They explained that it is closed because they had official holiday. I was later looking up information and yes, there is written that the first Monday and Tuesday of July they have something like "Day of national unity" (free translation by Katja). Thus I will go today or tomorrow and apply for Visa.

What was very nice and interesting to see when talking to the couple within the first minutes I was offered a telephone number to call whenever I am ready to leave for Zambia. I was told that the woman has a sister living in Zambia, I think it was Livingstone, that could show me around.