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Margo, margob99{at}, 2004.07.26 16:46
Hi Augustas and Katja ... looking forward to seeing you in Johannesburg; anytime from this week!!!! Call me at work during the day on 321-5900 (Jhb dialling code 011)

Travel safe and see you soon :)
alex, post{at}, 2004.07.24 06:08
great thing! i did a tour in east africa half a year ago.. it's great and hitching is quite easy when there''s a car coming.. you've just to pay sometimes.. hope you get to malawi & mosambique..

melody, keen2evolve{at}, 2004.07.14 23:26
I am so amazed that you're hitchhiking (lifting) through Africa! Can you tell us a little about the kind of people who picked you up? What were they like and how did they treat you? I am going back to Africa sometime and am considering hitchhiking too.
Hey Katja, i know you haven't quite left yet. You must be so excited! I spent 2 months in africa alone in 2001. I didnt have any problems with safety although i followed the hostel owners advice about times to go out and places to be and not be. If you or Augustus need advice on any hostels in South Africa, Namibia or Zimbabwe just let me know! I have been there and i was on a budget too!
Melody from Vancouver Canada
i'm living through your trip too! thank you for your trip information, its inspiring me and making me feel like i'im there!
The REAL Viking, 2004.07.14 05:13

Hello folks.

Very good website you have here, and I am glad to put my step
in to your guestbook. I send you and your visitors my best greetings.

And you are welcome to visit my website as well.
Martial, colletbi{at}, 2004.07.06 22:01
Hi Augustas,
Nice trip. It must be amazing to discover Africa that way. I hope to see you again soon.
Rassa, rasuljka{at}, 2004.07.04 14:41
Labas, Augustas! Its so exciting to follow your stories on Africa, I keep my fingers crossed also for the rest of your trip :)
Everything goes the same over here,i just returned from polar ural and start planning sth more on that kind :)
best wishes over the thousands of km to you from LV.
David Otuta, onlylasitours{at}, 2004.06.24 21:16
Hi Man,
Hope you get it cool in Musoma,are you coming over Arusha?Im realy interested in such kind of your project,Richard recommended me to this site,its realy great,Looking foward meet you phisicaly.
Regards David.
chrisworny c.msongamwanja, chriswornymac{at}, 2004.06.22 20:38

Hi please i,m very happy to here from youre project cause even us and my group we are dealing with african culture,to defferent tribes.We are two people another is cold Abbou,kindemba.
Hana, uhana{at}, 2004.06.22 01:51
hi augustas,
thatīs really amazing - all that travel experience...and also thanks for the useful info and advices about africa.
can you please tell mini and agnieszka in musoma to contant me and erik and lat us know how the things are there? (by the way musoma isnīt a village! :)
good luck!
greetings from prague
Ginirover, ginirover{at}, 2004.06.20 14:33
Hay Augustas!
Great to read this travelstory! I will follow you all the way through this site and look forward to your next adventures/stories
Greets from Belgium
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