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Julián, j_eremito{at}, 2005.04.13 20:29
Congratulations, a very nice travel and very nice adventure.
I was 20 days in SA the last year and whith this page I'm remembering my sperience here. (in j'bay)
ADEWALE, powerockmanner{at}, 2005.04.12 17:02
I like this web...Good of you
Ganeh Neupane, monte{at}, 2005.01.18 10:35
Hi, It is great page. Thanks

Ganesh Neupane
ieva, 2004.12.01 17:16
greetings for you both!
i'm glad to hear that you are back, i was following you letters all the time very carefully. in case things will turn out good, i'll try to be in vilnius on 22.12. to hear your presenatation, augustas. must hear it! :)
Marco, marcaval{at}, 2004.11.24 22:55
Great expedition, good webpage and great page of useful links for visiting the wonderful Africa.
Sandra, anmeldung{at}, 2004.11.08 13:33
Greetings from Team
Best wishes from germany!!!
Andreas, 2004.10.25 21:11
hey man. sweet web site. totally forgot about presentation this morning, sorry. seems to be quite a bit of info here on this site though... take care
Stef, stef_scott{at}, 2004.10.19 01:27
I really enjoyed looking around your webpage!
Guillaume, webmaster-antispam{at}, 2004.10.10 19:26
I would like to live such an adventure and still hope it may happen one day. It depends on me, does it ? Well, not so simple :-)
Rassa, rasuljka{at}, 2004.09.23 12:15
Labas, Augustas!!! Very, very nice and touching pictures! Wishing all the best. Rassa :)
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