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Living in a shack in Khayelitsha township

Together with a slovak friend Juro we stayed in a South African township called Khayelitsha (30 km from Cape Town) in a shack - the most popular house of poor people.


Our shack

Shack from the other side of the road

A bit closer

Very close

Welcome! come in, please...

Coach for the guests

The entrance

Dinner table

The eating room

Window to neighbour shack

Slovakia installation

The kitchen

Breakfast and supper are prepared here

Entrance to the rest room

Doors of the rest room

My bed

Juro sleeps here

Juro's bed

...and my sleeping bag

All wires are conected in this simple way

Our street and neighbouring shacks      [top]

Nombasa (on the right) from the next shack

and her relative

Nombasa's kitchen

Prepaid electricity box. One wire goes to our shack

neighbour with her kids

the same kids

sometimes we chated about life...

Friend of our neighbours


Other neighbour's shack

The same shack...

Another neighbours

...and their not functionable car

Shack in the same street

One more example

Anglican church in from of our shack

Khayelitsha craft market - next to the church

Friends and entertainment      [top]

With friends at home

Juro prepares food...

we used to have dinners together with neighbour Xolani and his wife

sometimes at their place, but most of the time in our shack

getting familiar with modern technologies

Lithuanian traditional pink soup was total fiasko among the community

slower than you would do that with washing machine, but with better quality

writing down some notes...

during the day time doors were open for everybody...

learner Zingizani was very often guest at our shack


very important process

during which Juro will loose some of his hair...

my last dinner in Khayelitsha

followed by 1 hour catholic Mass in the chack

Other pictures from Khayelitsha      [top]

Welcome to Khayelitsha!



all the township is lighted up with such huge lamps

the mass of shacks


Goats - are often on the streets

he-goat and his girls...

the way to move around with babies...

every Sunday - a big celebration

everybody dresses well

and goes to the church...

one Saturday we had lunch and the place of these women

we also got the chance to hear some songs

but there were way too much of us...

so we looked more like tourists...

the locals..

I tried to comunicate in a lot of ways...

some artist is making metal flowers from the the simple cans

Mini buses ("taxies" as they call it here)

Khayelitsha in the background


It is going to rain...

Some kind of park

Bus stop

Left overs from the last elections

The barber shop

The Fashion Day of sewing project      [top]

The Fashion Day was held in on eof the cafes of Cape Town

women from Khayelitsha sewing project had nice opportunity to show what they have done in the last year