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I arrived at 2 p.m. in Komatiepoort right on the border to Mozambique. I am actually traveling with Becky a girl from UK. We were picked up and brought to a 4 km far from the border backpackers hostel. It is quite nice on the ground of an old farm.

On the border has been a bunch of little huts made of metal, wood and plastics where lots of black families live in. They stay there trying to sell food to the people crossing the border. I also recognized many white people here, far more than I ever expected to be so near the border. In comparision to Joburg for me it seems Komatiepoort has got more white inhabitants. That might just seem so as in Joburg you do not go out of the house...

Actually, I expected to find here a place to stay for free for which in return we will do some farm work (thanks to the invitation of Fred from Western Cape!). But there is no farm work left here. It is an old farm where just a backpacker hostel is run on. It is called "Spice of Life Backpackers".

Thus we went just for food to a nearby gas station. I still do not really feel being in Africa, but that might change during the next days. I plan to enter Mozambique tomorrow or after tomorrow depending on how it is possible to arrange a place to stay.