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Maputo, Inhambane & Tofo


In Maputo I stayed just one more day where I did nothing more than going to the Nacional Art Gallerie. It is fantastic, really, I have not seen for a long time such creative work! Moreover, I was talking to one local artist selling batics on street. He run to me first and then explained he did not want to sell his batics. Of course, he wanted but as an artist you should not go for money even if you need it. Thus I was having a long and nice chat with him about how he does batics, how long it takes him to produce one etc. We spoke a mix of Spanish-Portuguese and I really much enjoyed having contact to a local, especially to a local artist. At the end I thanked him with a banana and an orange. I think that was just fair ;)

During noon, Becky and me joined Ray, a guy from UK. He gave us a lift to Xai-Xai. At the end we did not just land up in Xai-Xai but went about 70 km up North to Chiputo. Chiputo is a nice little city, lovely people, helpful...we experienced immediately after arrival, as it was already very dark when we came to Chiputo. We drove up and down and tried to figure out which way would be the right concerning the describtion of Ray's friend. After driving in the night life of Chiputo, where lots of young people were standing on the street, drinking beer, we ask some of the locals to help us finding Emran, the friend of Ray. It took us a long time, especially because we were still sceptical if we can trust the people. But believe me, you can trust the people, they just want to help you.
Thus we stayed one night in Chiputo and drove the next day of to Inhambane and on to Praia do Tofo.

Yesterday, I stayed at Bamboozi Backpackers and to be honest, I did not like it at all. It might be for people with interest in a "cool" atmosphere. The staff was quite "cool", no chance to put the tent, the cheapest accomodation was 50 ZAR (6,80 Euro) what was in an open hut. There was place for about 3 people, just one mattress and at the end just me alone inside. At the beginning it was a bit strange as the palm leaves were all the time russeling against the palm hut. Later on I slept like a baby until in the early morning, around 6, they started to heat water for the showers that have been about 5 meters from my hut. They heated with burning whatever and all the dust flew directly into my hut. I better got up and later on we moved to Fatima's backpackers.

It is just lovely in Fatima's. We have build up out tent, it is a great relaxed atmosphere, everything you really need we have got. I am really looking forward to tonight. And it cost just 120.000 MT (4,37 Euro). We might stay here for a couple of days and then head to Vilanculo.

The only thing what I am missing until now is adventure. I would like to experience more than just beach and palm trees...Let us see how it goes. Unfortunately, internet is quite expensive here thus I cannot tell you all things right now that i experienced. The price for one hour internet is 150.000 MT (5,47 Euro).