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The first day in Addis


The flight I took to Ethiopia was operated by British Airways.
Comparing my experience with taking a plane to China 2 years ago, it was completely different. In the plane to China you could count non-asians on your fingers, while on the flight to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) out of 50-60 passangers I saw probably less than 15 black people. It seemed that most of the passangers were from USA.

We arrived to Ethiopia at 2am. Here one must fill some paper card by providing the visa, passport and some other information. I was really surprised to see the customer in a civil clothes - wearing the jean trousers and the jacket. It seemed like this guy is doing some part-time-job.

For your interest my backpack weighted 17.5 kg. I am not satisfied which such a heavy bag, but on the other hand it seems I have nothing to throw away...

I hope to write a bit more about my first impressions in Africa in the next 1-2 days, because for the moment I feel a bit "tired" after having a half-day 1 year babies birthday party....

Will write a bit more in the next messages...

Addis Ababa