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Livingstone - Victoria Falls

Yesterday evening with few cars I arrived to Livingstone - 450 km West from Lusaka. This town is very near (10km) famous Victoria Falls.

The first car i stopped in Lusaka was the same South African driver which gave me a lift 10 days ago from Tanzania-Zambia border up to Lusaka (1000 km in 10 hours). He works in road construction company, so he just dropped me few kilometers away from town. But that was much better place for hitch-hiking. From there I got a ride for another 5 km from some white man who has a farm and a small game park (park with tropical animals). Finally in a 10-15minutes time I stopped 2 white South Africans which were heading for Johannesburg. They were travelling via Botswana, so I went with them up till Livingstone.

Today I visited Victoria Falls, which were a bit more than I expected. That is a sign for my satisfaction. The entrance fee to the national park for Victoria Falls was 10 USD. It is quite exciting, cause all tourists get wet, because of some parts where it is kind of heavily raining from the Falls. Luckily I had my rain coat.

My Zimbabwe visa is ready and waiting for me in Lusaka. I will travel back to Lusaka on Sunday, will pick-up visa in the morning and will take a bus to Johannesburg around 1-2pm. Journey to Johannesburg will last about 22-24 hours.