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Morogoro – cozy city close to the mountains

And so and so, having spent 3 days in Arusha (North Tanzania), on Wednesday (June 30) I arrived to Tanga - second largest port of Tanzania. On Friday I arrived to Morogoro, where people, who belong to a cultural group Group Culture Tanzania were waiting for me. I will get stuck over here more or less for a week, visiting a Masai tribe village, and spending one day in Dar Es Salaam, maybe I will have a walk in the mountains…

Long story short, this is how Tanzania map looks. Imagine a circle. On the top there is Musoma - small town on the shore of Victoria lake, where I was on a visit a week ago. Then in the North East close to the border with Kenya there is Arusha and 80 kilometers from Arusha to the East you will find Moshi – a small town from where everyone climbs the Kilimanjaro mountain. It goes without saying that from Moshi one can see the Kilimanjaro itself. When traveling 350 kilometers along the circle you will reach Indian Ocean where you find Tanga, and 200 kilometers from Tanga along the sea – the city of Dar Es Salaam, which practically is the country’s capital, though the legal capital is Dadoma which is located in the center of the circle.

If we draw a straight line from the eastern point of the circle to the southwestern point, along the line we will find the following cities: Morogoro, student town Iringa and finally Mbeya, which is very close to Zambian border – my further goal of the trip.

The main cities in the West and North West of Tanzania are Mwanza, Kigoma, and Tabora; unfortunately I will not visit them. By the way, when I was in Musoma, everyone over there talks about Mwanza, where one can buy anything and which is the main city in the North West.