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Teaching mathematics in Musoma


Yesterday, June 23, from Kisumu I hitch-hiked all the way to the Kenyan/Tanzanian border at Isebania (200 km). Border crossing took extreemly short time, maybe 10 minutes only, like crossing western and eastern european borders.

From Isebania I took the bus for 70 km, which was quite crowded. Fot the last 20km to Musoma I got a ride from some american, who seems beeing living in Tanzania for quite a long time, since he claims that this is his home now.

I stay at Friederike's and Agneszka's (german + polish) place which have just started their voluntary job at the mini school here in Musoma, which is at the Lake Victoria (by the way, girls have a very beautiful view of wide lake from their window in the morning). I even had a chance to enjoy teaching kids math today in the morning. Tomorrow I am gonna give a lecture on Geography. Will learn them to know 8 Tanzanian members and will upload their mind with importance to see the worlds, or at least neighbourh countries in their life, which makes you smarter and open-minded.

Will head for Arusha (Tanzania) in two days, on Saturday. I have bought a Tanzanian mobile phone card +255745855617, so SMS and calls are welcome :)