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In Nairobi after covering 1500km in 4 days

Finally I am in Nairobi - the capital of Kenya.

Saturday, June 12 I made 550 km by hitch hiking from Addis down to the South. Well, 36 km I did by bus (0.4 EUR). Next day, sunday, I reached Moyale - the border of Ethiopia-Kenya (another 200 km) by taking a bus for 2 EUR, because that road has almost no traffic. The same day in 10 minutes I bought Kenyan visa (50 USD) and crossed the border.

Monday morning I sat in the truck with another 35 people on it, and we supposed to go 500 km in 2 days on a terrible road, because there are no other public transport, and private cars are rare. In 1st day we arrived to Marsabit, 250 km after 15 hours journey!!! Everybody were in complete dust. Next day South Korean missionier noticed me in the truck and invited into his Land Rover, so he gave me a lift directly to Nairobi (500 km).

I will stay in the capital for maybe 1-2 days and then will move to Mombasa.

During my time in Kenya (until June 23-24) I am reachable by private mobile phone number in Kenya: +254735832955. So SMS and incoming calls are welcome!