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richard, richard_kweka{at}, 2004.06.19 17:25
Hi Augusto you are no. one in the word if there 'llbe a competitions of discovering such a cool project.You won a trophie.Keep it up.
Have you passed Arusha already?If no, contact me for some beer/cheers.
richard dulles, sbong2002uk{at}, 2004.06.14 21:58
hope you have great day in kenya im very interesting about your experience and hiking you are doing all over the world by the way im living in zamibia but at the moment im in dar so may be we can fix a litle arrangement bout your visit while there
JY HEGRON, jeanyves.hegron{at}, 2004.06.12 02:38
Hello Augustas,
I was fascinated when Katja spoke of this project, didn't truly believe her.

Beautiful trip indeed !
Thanks for your travel news and anecdotes.

I will watch my mailbox and dream of old Saba Kingdom !

Take Care of Yourself

Javier, javiern85{at}, 2004.06.11 20:55
All the best for such a great trip!
From Buenos Aires, Argentina,

Jose Antonio Iglesias, azuche{at}, 2004.06.11 19:21
Hello Agustas!!!

I can see you are living an amazing experience! I wish you all the best for your geat journety!

From Spain... Jose Antonio!!
Stefan Schmitz, S.Schmitz{at}, 2004.06.07 09:31
Hello Augustas,

I returned well from Prague (and will be there again in two weeks) - I wish you all the best for your journey.

As you know I recomment you to visit Westafrica as well (Senegal, ...).

Best regards

Aloyce Mlolere, aloycemlolere{at}, 2004.05.30 07:50
Hi, that's so great!
Jambo Augustas! Cheching whether you've grabbed the necessary Swahili phrases already.

Wishing you a nice hicking through Tanzania, and a pleasant stay in Mandela's land (SA).
Hakuna matata!

Asante sana
Mariska M, swanlo{at}, 2004.05.18 14:23
Hi there.

Please you two, do NOT go to Zimbabwe for your own safety. I am living in South Africa, Zim is next to us, and I can tell you from experience, that you will NOT be save there.
Masha Kvashonka, 2004.05.18 00:54
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, AUGUSTAS!!! Wish you a marvellous trip!!!!!!!!
Jerry, jerry73us{at}, 2004.05.17 14:04
I believe you getting more inspired by each passing day as your trip nears it's start.Look forward to meeting you in Kenya over summer...hmmm!Karibu Kenya.
All the best and hope that by the end of your trip you gonna count a waelth of ideas and information or should i say,you'll realise a premium end.
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